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Update (19-6-03): Heli Version 1.1 Released!
New feature: High score system submittal - Submit your high scores to be displayed among the rest - find out who is the best pilot!

NB: For Heli v1.0 users who do not wish to upgrade a stand-alone submitter is available.

Heli is the first game to be released through the d7415 website.

It is a fairly simple game, but can take a while to become accustomed to the controls. Simply put, click to climb and release to descend, avoiding the cave walls above and below you and the blocks of wire mesh suspended in the air around you.

The first game option is just that, but game 2 adds another element to the game. Your helicopter is equipped with a rope ladder, and you can collect soldiers for bonus points.
In this game, merely avoiding the blocks gives less score than before, but the soldiers even this out quite well. There is also the option of equipping wire cutters, which allow you to cut through a mesh block when active. These unortunately take 15 seconds to reset, and so should not be used too gratuitously.
For those players who fill the helicopter (it can only carry 15 soldiers) there is another surprise awaiting you, but I will leave you in suspense for now (some of you will probably know, but the others should find it entertaining).

Please don't be put off by the login prompt. If the user you are trying to make does not exist on that installation of Heli, the program will make it for you. To move scores from one computer to another, simply move the "scores.ini" file. This contains your username, password (encrypted), and scores (encrypted, so dont try to change them!).
Choose your username wisely, as this is what will represent you on the high scores website

I hope you enjoy Heli. Please feel free to play it to your heart's content, and send any queries in an email to serv at my domain.

Heli v1.1
Heli v1.1 (proxy filter bypass eg. School)
Score Submitter (for Heli v1.0 users only)
Older Versions:
Heli v1.0
To use the school version, download and then remove ".dl" from filename to play.