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2018-03-04 15:00:07
I found a backup, so this blog is back online. For now, anyway. I won't be updating it, but I'm happier with it being here. I think...

Feb 2, 2007, 9:56pm
Ok, so my new project could be less effort but kinda less fun than intended (http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/56481), but at least it may still happen...

Basically it looks like I'm going to work on getting webcams and maybe some client-to-client games working across the Jabber network using Gaim, which should be implementing pieces from the gaim-vv project soon (I can hope!). Then I just need to convert my friends slowly onto Jabber from MSN (which, using Gaim, hopefully won't be too hard....hopefully...)

In other news, I may add a comments feature to this site the next time I feel like a play in PHP. I also need to reformat all the dates (fun..).

Tune in next time...


Jan 31, 2007, 10:12 pm

The site is now w3c compliant, almost table-free, and marginally prettier - the back-end is DEFINITELY prettier!
As such, the icons are now shown at the bottom right. Go look. Now.

Heli now has it's own page rather than an "action" link, and there's some more behind the scenes stuff there too. E-mail links have been changed from their old, dead versions. Some link-purging, too. There's still some stuff to be done around here, but it's better. I'm going to go revise now as I have two exams tomorrow, but soon I will post about my new project! (or forget....probably forget.... But there's hope!)

Suggestions etc as usual. (hmm....need to change that poll too....)


August 4, 2006, 12:07 am
Done a few updates here and there - Just looked at the navbar on the left....Those are really out of date...may fix them sometime, but anyone paying attention to this (that'll be no-one then - if you're an exception let me know) will know that's not going to happen very soon...

Also still planning on moving across to another machine soonish...again not sure when though.

What a fun blog entry lol - need to find something useful for this to do.. tried album/blogs/so on and it's been all but abandoned. Had forums but they were dead from day one really...RS forums are elsewhere now meaning the biggest thing this server does is the RS Chat.

Oh, and heli. That's had more hits than I expected. Nice to see my old toys still getting downloads :-)

Maybe I should put particle/mandelbrot up - I would, but they're still really dev versions...more toys for me than anything else...

Ideas for what to try next on a postcard to the usual address.

(hmm...maybe IRC....no-one uses it, but I still LIKE IRC.....)


June 30, 2006, 5:09 pm
The server has been dead a couple of nights recently - reason being it's loud and it sometimes keeps me up.

Now have 2 more old (but new to me) machines, with about twice the spec of the current server in the hope that one or both is quieter, in which case there'll be some more downtime while I set them up (although I doubt very much that that will be any time soon).

As it stands they sound about the same, so I'm in no rush.